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Creative Costumes by Echoing Waters

As soon as the sun sets on summer and the first day of Fall comes sweeping in, my mind can't help but go to one thing: Costumes!

I. LOVE. Halloween. As a textile artist and costume enthusiast it is my vessel to pull out all the works. And with October 31st just around the corner it begs the question: what will everyone's creative get-up be this year for their costume parties and Halloween themed events?

No matter how creative or not you think you are, this is that time of year where you should strive to surprise yourself with what you can make happen in an attempt to take home the gold in your new persona.

My favorite way to create a costume is to construct an idea in my head and then pull from what I already own to start. I then create the rest that is needed to pull the costume together.

That's why my Echoing Waters garments make a great base for a lot of different costume ideas as all you need otherwise are a few key accessories and you're all set!

I crafted together 5 different costume ideas using different dresses from Echoing Waters to inspire and show how fun it can be using just one garment, found objects, and your two hands!

Keep scrolling below for a rundown of each of the costumes and then click the links by each one to see how they can be put together. Hope you enjoy and get inspired!

Those wings were one of my favorite items to create! Click here to find out how to create the Woodland Fairy costume!

Interested in how I put that gold crown together? Click here to learn more about the Greek Costume!

Always a classic to throw on a fur stole and glamorous gown for an old Hollywood glam look. Click here to find out how to glam it up with a rhinestone headpiece for the Roaring Twenties Star costume!

This one was the easiest of them all to throw together. Click here to find out what you need to create the Flamenco Dancer costume!

There are so many accessories you probably already own that would lend well to an Egyptian ruler. Click here to find out how to get inspired to craft together the Queen of the Nile costume!

I hope you enjoyed my costume series and became inspired for future ideas. Always feel free to shoot me a note below or email me if you have any further questions! Which one is your favorite costume? What other costumes can you see these dresses transforming into? Post your ideas in the comments below!

Happy Costume Crafting!