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Flamenco Dancer Costume

I always thought the Fuji Dress in Sunset looked like it was worthy to take to a dance, which is why it goes so well for the Flamenco Dancer costume!

For the famously red Flamenco dress you see for Flamenco dancers I used the Fuji Dress in Sunset by Echoing Waters:

This one's so easy! You just need a fan, a fringed shawl, and a pair of black heels. You can add a single rose to your bun or create a hairpiece like I did using faux roses and a hair comb.

Fun little fact: The scarf I used in the photos I actually bought in Barcelona from a Flamenco Dancer shop! It was the only souvenir I wanted when I went to Spain:

The finished Flamenco Dancer costume:

Feeling inspired to dress up as any other type of dancer?